The Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) oversees all felony-level investigations to include such crimes and/or incidents related to: drug investigations, felony assaults,untimely deaths, homicides, burglaries, armed robberies, forgeries, sexual assaults,child abuse & abductions, sex offender registering, felony DUIs, and fatal motor vehicle collisions.  BCI detectives also assist patrol officers within-depth investigations that may involve additional resources and/or time.

BCI is also responsible for the handling and processing of evidence in order to ensure that is collected, preserved, secured, and stored in a sound manner.  Additionally, for prosecutorial purposes,detectives maintain evidence chain of custody procedures.  Detectives work closely with New Hampshire State Crime Lab technicians after transporting evidence to their facility for processing.

In addition to assisting patrol officers with criminal investigations, detectives also prepare cases for referral to the Belknap County Attorney’s Office (BCAO) so that such matters can be presented for possible indictment during Grand Jury proceedings,which takes place approximately every six (6) weeks.  Regardless of whether or not suspects have been arrested for a particular crime, all felony level criminal cases are presented to the Grand Jury. Should the BCAO require additional follow-up related to such cases, BCI detectives are delegated to assist in any manner possible.

Given their abundant responsibilities, detectives are afforded the opportunities to attend specialized training, in order to sharpen and strengthen their skills,in areas such as crime scene investigations, latent fingerprinting, DNA collection, interviews/interrogations, electronic evidence collection, and cellular telephone and computer forensics. Having this additional expertise and knowledge allows detectives to develop and present training on such topics to department colleagues. 

Detectives,while typically working daytime hours, are also expected to be available for possible telephone calls and call-outs 24 hours per day, seven (7) days per week.  Patrol officers may require their presence at crime scenes for any number of reasons.  Detectives are able to assist patrol officers with the drafting of both arrest warrant and search warrant affidavits and their executions if granted by judges. There are many instances in which criminal investigations may lead detectives to jurisdictions outside of Gilford.  As a result, it is essential and imperative that BCI members maintain good working relationship with other law enforcement agencies such as other municipal police departments, the Belknap County Sheriff’s Department, the New Hampshire State Police, the BCAO, the New Hampshire State Crime Lab, the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, as well as many federal agencies.

BCI detectives are also responsible for developing, implementing, and conductingvarious public informational programs related to crime prevention, childsafety, and other public interest matters.

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