Town Officials and Staff

Water System OperatorGunstock Acres Village Water District
Abi MaxwellLibrary AssistantGilford Public Library
Adam C. BatstoneSpecial OfficerGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Adam GravelleFirefighter/AEMTFire Department
Adam P. VanSteensburg SergeantGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Adrianna AntonopoulosMember - AlternateZoning Board of Adjustment
Alexandra BreedCommittee MemberKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Alexis R. JacksonTrustee (Treasurer)Library Trustees
Alyssa S.L. RaxterPatrol Officer/SROGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Amber LaTorreCommittee MemberBudget Committee
Amelia N. SweezeyCommunications SpecialistGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Andrew HoweMemberZoning Board of Adjustment
Angelo FarruggiaCommittee MemberBudget Committee
Anthony J. Bean Burpee Chief of PoliceGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Arielle MastersonChildrens LibrarianGilford Public Library
Bradley OberDeputy Fire ChiefFire Department
Brandon ZogopoulosFirefighter/AEMTFire Department
Bruce HewittSolid Waste SupervisorPublic Works DepartmentEmail:
Call CompanyCall CompanyFire Department
Carole HallCommission ChairmanConservation Commission
Carolyn ScattergoodVice ChairPlanning Board
Charlene BoulangerAdministrative AssistantFire Department
Charlene L. Crowell Communications Specialist/CTOGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Chrissy BloodExecutive AssistantTown Administrator
Christopher M. Jacques Detective SergeantGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Corey NazerLibrary AssistantGilford Public Library
Curtis N. ArsenaultPatrol OfficerGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Curtis P. MaillouxK9 OfficerGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Dale Channing EddyBoard of Selectman Clerk and Planning Board Selectman RepresentativeBoard of Selectmen
Dan TinkhamCommittee MemberKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Daniel TousignantPlanning and Land Use Department, Building Inspector - Code Enforcement OffBuilding Inspector - Code Enforcement Officer
Danielle LaFondTown Clerk - Tax CollectorTown Clerk - Tax Collector
Dave HarrisHead MechanicPublic Works DepartmentEmail:
Dave SmithRecreation Commission MemberRecreation Commission
David TylerCommittee MemberBudget Committee
Diane & Jerry MaherCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Diane TinkhamTrusteeLibrary Trustees
Dion DeCarliLieutenantFire Department
Dominic DeCarliLieutenant/EMTFire Department
Don SpearEngineerBoard of Fire Engineers
Dorothy PiquadoCommittee MemberBudget Committee
Douglas HillBoard MemberConservation Commission
Douglas R. WallPatrolman First Class/FTOGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Dr. Kristin SnowBudget Committee Vice Chair & Cemetery Trustee, SecretaryBudget Committee
Duncan PhillipsFirefighter/ParamedicFire Department
Dustin DrewFirefighter/AEMTFire Department
Dustin H. ParentLieutenantGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Elizabeth "Betty" TiddTrusteeLibrary Trustees
Emily DrakeAlternate MemberPlanning Board
Emily DrakePlanning Board RepresentativeHistoric District & Heritage Commission
Eric T. Bredbury Sergeant/ProsecutorGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Ethie RitsonCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Everett Peter AllenCemetery Trustee, Chair and Recreation Commission AlternateCemetery Trustees
Gaye FedorchakAlternate MemberPlanning Board
Grace HerbertCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Gregory TrombiFirefighter/ParamedicFire Department
Gretchen GandiniSchool Board RepresentativeBudget Committee
Gus BenavidesChairman and Historic District & Heritage Commission Selectmen RepresentatiBoard of Selectmen
Helen MurphyCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Herb GreeneDirector of Parks & Recreation and Bicentennial Committee Technical AdvisorParks & Recreation Department
Holly A. BurbankFinance DirectorFinance DepartmentEmail:
Howard EpsteinCommissionerGunstock Acres Village Water DistrictEmail:
Irene LachanceSupervisorSupervisors of the Checklist
Isaac HoweAlternate MemberPlanning Board
J. Kevin HayesVice Chairman & Budget Committee Selectmen RepresentativeBoard of Selectmen
J. Kevin HayesBoard of Selectmen RepresenativeBudget Committee
J. Scott DavisChairmanZoning Board of Adjustment
Jack LandowPlanning Board Member & Gilford Police Dept. VolunteerPlanning Board
James GloverRecreation Commission MemberRecreation Commission
Jeffrey MadonLieutenant/AEMTFire Department
Jerecho R.A. McNeilPatrol OfficerGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Johan AndersenCommittee Member Budget Committee
John "Jack" T. LymanEngineerBoard of Fire Engineers
John and Joy HallCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
John AyerPlanning & Land Use DirectorPlanning and Land Use Department
John CarlsonRegional Public Health Resource OfficerHealth OfficerEmail:
John GoodhueAlternate Board MemberConservation Commission
John JudeBoard Member Conservation Commission
Joseph GeraciCommissionerGunstock Acres Village Water DistrictEmail:
Karen E. CraverCommunications SpecialistGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Karen ThurstonCommittee MenberOld Home Day Committee
Katherine DormodyDirectorGilford Public Library
Kayleigh ThomasAssistant LibrarianGilford Public LibraryEmail:
Kevin CarlisleSewer System TechnicianPublic Works DepartmentEmail:
Kim M. Horan Tech. Asst./PT DispatcherGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Kim RemickFirefighter/AEMTFire Department
Kristian J. KelleyDeputy ChiefGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Kristin SnowTrustee, SecretaryCemetery Trustees
Kurt HoustonWater CommissionerGunstock Acres Village Water DistrictEmail:
Kyle TibbettsHighway SuperintendentPublic Works DepartmentEmail:
Lance A. RousePatrol OfficerGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Lawrence RouthierBoard Member & Zoning Board of Adjustment MemberConservation Commission
Lee DuncanCommission Vice ChairConservation Commission
Lisa Mans-BuckleyRecreation Commission AlternateRecreation Commission
Logan A. TomasettiPatrol OfficerGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Lori A. MarshP/T Communications SpecialistGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Lynne DeVivoCommission MemberHistoric District & Heritage Commission
Marcy BurleighAccount ClerkFinance Department
Maria SuarezChildrens Librarian AssistantGilford Public Library
Marsha McGinleyAssessing TechnicianAssessing Office
Mary VillaumeSupervisor, ChairSupervisors of the Checklist
Matthew WhitneyBuilding & Grounds SuperintendentPublic Works DepartmentEmail:
Meghan Theriault, P.E.Director of Public WorksPublic Works DepartmentEmail:
Michael DoweCommittee MemberBudget Committee
Michael MarshallTrustee Library Trustees
Michele KingP/T Animal Control OfficerGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Michelle BlakeCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Michelle CrumbSecretaryPublic Works DepartmentEmail:
Miriam YorkSupervisor & Recreation Commission SecretarySupervisors of the Checklist
Nathan LemayFirefighter/AEMTFire Department
Nick SceggellTreasurerGunstock Acres Village Water DistrictEmail:
Nikki J. WheelerP/T Communications SpecialistGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Pamela A. ClarkWelfare Director & Gilford Police Dept. VolunteerFinance Department
Pat BennettCommittee MemberKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Peter & Christine BowlerCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Philipe PlummerFirefighter/AEMTFire Department
Rae Mello-AndrewsTrustee, Vice ChairCemetery Trustees
Randolph A. MacdonaldVolunteerGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENT
Rebecca DiGirolomoCommittee MemberKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Rebecca WatsonCommittee MemberKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Rebecca WrightAssessing TechnicianAssessing OfficeEmail:
Richard M. BrewerPatrol OfficerGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Richard SoniaCommission ChairmanHistoric District & Heritage Commission
Richard VaillancourtSecretaryPlanning Board
Rick MosesTrusteeTrustees of Trust Funds
Rick NelsonRecreation Commission Vice ChairmanRecreation Commission
Roger WeeksOperations ManagerPublic Works DepartmentEmail:
Ronda ReimersCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Ryan BrownLieutenantFire Department
Sandra HartPlanning Department Technical AssistantPlanning and Land Use Department
Sandra McGonagleCommittee MemberKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Sandy BelandDeputy Town Clerk - Tax CollectorTown Clerk - Tax Collector
Scott DunnTown AdministratorTown Administrator
Scott MooneyFirefighter/EMTFire Department
Sean MurphyCommittee ChairBudget Committee
Shaun P. DutilePolice ChaplainGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Shawn EmondFirefighter/AEMTFire Department
Stephen CarrierFire ChiefFire Department
Steven HepburnCommittee MemberBudget Committee
Sue JensenBookkeeperFinance Department
Sue KingProgram Assistant & Old Home Day Committee MemberParks & Recreation Department
Tessa L. Stevens Executive Secretary/Communications SpecialistGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Thom FrancoeurRecreation Commission Vice ChairRecreation Commission
Thomas ChaseCommittee MemberBudget Committee
Tim NolanCommittee MemberKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Timothy JohnsonFirefighter/AEMTFire Department
Timothy M. Doris Communications SpecialistGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Tom DrouinBoard MemberConservation Commission
Tracey BlandfordRecreation Commission AlternateRecreation Commission
Troy A. WallacePatrol OfficerGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
Troy SchruppSecretaryHistoric District & Heritage Commission
VACANTGunstock Acres Village Water District RepresentativeBudget Committee
VACANTClerkGunstock Acres Village Water District
Wayne HallChairmanPlanning Board
Wesley J. de Sousa Special OfficerGILFORD POLICE DEPARTMENTEmail:
William AkerleyChairmanBoard of Fire Engineers
William Chris Ray, Jr.TrusteeTrustees of Trust Funds
William JohnsonMemberPlanning Board
William KnightlyVice ChairmanZoning Board of Adjustment