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Planning Board

Meeting Location: Town Hall - Rooms A & BMeeting Date: Tue, Jan 22 2013 at 07:00pm

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Gilford Planning Board



January 22, 2013

Gilford Town Hall

Conference Room A

47 Cherry Valley Road

Gilford, NH 03249

7:00 P.M.


The Gilford Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at 7 p.m. in Conference Room A to consider the following applications.  Anyone interested is invited to attend.


1.       Jeffers Family Trust – Applicant proposes a two- (2-) lot subdivision with one lot containing 1.78 acres and the other containing 1.74 acres, located at 61 Terrace Hill Road on Tax Map and Lot #267-180.000 in the Single Family Residential (SFR) Zone.  Subdivision Plan Review.  Application #2013000004.


2.       Townes M. Harris, III and Stephen W. Cutillo, Trustee – Applicants propose to adjust boundary line between Tax Map and Lot #202-041.000 and #202-042.000 to provide access to rear of lot #202-041.000 and to correct existing encroachments along the common boundary line at 80 and 84 Countryside Drive in the Single Family Residential (SFR) Zone.  Boundary Line Adjustment Plan Review.  Application #2013000005.


3.       Action on above


4.       Other business


5.       Minutes:  Meeting of January 7, 2013.


6.       Adjournment