Glendale Docks

Glendale is an island support facility that is open from April 1st to October 31st. There are three docks; one for public use and two for Gilford Island residents only. Dock 1A is for public loading and unloading only while Dock 1B is for public docking (three hours maximum). Dock 2A and 2B are for Gilford Island residents only (eight hours maximum). Dock 3A and 3B are for Gilford Island residents (with a twelve hour maximum time limit). You must have a resident sticker to use the boat launch and park your vehicle. This facility is heavily used so please be respectful of others and abide by the times accordingly.

The dumpsters are available for Gilford Island residents only to use throughout the summer and are serviced Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Those who misuse the dumpsters will be fined one hundred dollars. Glendale also provides seasonal public restrooms.

There is a Selectmen appointed “Glendale Facility Committee” that is in charge of overseeing and recommending regulations to ensure the safe use of its three docks, parking areas, dumpsters and restrooms. For a complete list of the Glendale regulations please click  here.

Any recommendations please feel free to contact us either by phone at 603-527-4778 or by email