Burn Permit Information

Click Here for NH Department of Resources & Economic Development Brochure "It's the Law - Fire Permits Required".

No Fees

Gilford-Fire Rescue provides the following permits at no charge to the taxpayers of Gilford
  • w Blasting
  • w Burning

Outdoor Burning Regulations

  • w Fire permits are required for ALL outside fires.
  • w Fire permits must be obtained by the landowner, at the Gilford-Fire Rescue on Rt.11-A.
  • w Fires are permitted without a permit when the ground is covered with snow, as long as the Fire Department is notified before hand
  • w Only One Day Permits are currently being issued.
  • w You cannot burn on another person's property without their written permission.
Time Of Day You Can Burn
  • w Burning is permitted between 5pm & 11pm, fire must be out at 11pm
  • w Fires during the day are permitted during heavy rain, but at the discretion of the Fire Chief
Burn Conditions
  • w Someone MUST stay with the fire at all times
  • w Fires cannot be extinguished by burying.
  • w You must be capable of extinguishing the fire at any time.
  • w You may be financially responsible for property damage, if you loose control of the fire.
  • w Fires must be extinguished if there are any complaints.
  • w Plastic of any kind
  • w Rubber products, including tires
  • w Paint buckets or brushes
  • w Painted or treated lumber or wood
  • w Tar paper or shingles
  • w Wood over 5inches in diameter
  • w Insulation including no wire insulation
  • w Styrofoam
  • w Fiberglass
  • w Sheetrock
  • w Stumps or logs

Violators will be billed when our services are used to respond and extinguish your outdoor fire, because of a violation of the above rules.

Please feel free to call the Gilford Fire-Rescue should you have any questions.
Non-Emergency: (603) 527-4758
Fax: (603) 527-4763

Thank you!