The Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) oversees all felony-level investigations.  These incidents may include items like drug investigations, felony-level assaults, untimely deaths, homicides, burglaries, armed robberies, forgeries, sexual assaults, child abuse, child abductions, registering of sex offenders, felony-level DUI, and fatal motor vehicle collisions.  They also assist patrol officers with investigations involving more resources/time available to a Patrol Officer during his/her shift.

BCI is also responsible for the handling and processing of evidence, to ensure that this evidence is secured, preserved, and stored in a sound manner; all the while, maintaining a chain of custody necessary for court proceedings.  Often, detectives transport evidence to the New Hampshire State Lab in Concord, NH, and work towards addressing any issues lab technicians may have.

In addition to the investigations themselves, detectives prepare cases for referral to the Belknap County Attorney’s Office for indictment during the Grand Jury, which is typically held every six weeks.  All cases, whether or not the person has been arrested for the crime, need to be brought forth in front of the Grand Jury.  Any follow up, as dictated by the County Attorney, is done by or delegated by BCI.

Given their responsibilities and opportunity to specialize in certain areas, detectives are able to sharpen their skills in particular areas, like crime scenes (to include latent fingerprints & DNA), interviews, and electronic evidence found within computers and cellular telephones.  With that, they often develop and present training on certain subjects to other members of the department.

Detectives are expected to be available 24/7, responding to crime scenes at any time.  They draft and execute search warrants as an investigation deems necessary.  Many times, the investigations lead them outside of the Town of Gilford, and an essential function of the position is to maintain a good working relationship with outside agencies, such as other local police departments, the Belknap County Attorney’s Office, Belknap County Sheriff’s Department, New Hampshire State Police, and New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office.

BCI also develops, implements, and conducts public informational programs in crime prevention, child safety, and other public interests.

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