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Gilford Bicentennial Largest Tree Contest Results

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Posted Aug 20, 2012
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Submitted by Andy Fast, UNH Cooperative Extension Belknap-Strafford County Forester

        Thank you for participating in the Gilford Bicentennial Largest Tree Contest! The contest ran May 1st through July 31st. We received twenty-one submissions. Results are listed below for the five categories we established: pine, oak, birch, maple and “other.” The winners are having certificates mailed to them. All participants are being notified of the results and thanked for their participation and contribution to Gilford’s natural heritage.  

Circumference Measurements:

Pine:   Pine 144”
Oak:            White Oak 140”
                Oak 185”
Birch:  White birch 53”
Maple:  Maple 200”
                Red Maple 89”
                Sugar Maple 158”
Other:  Hemlock 93”
                White Ash 162”
                Red Mulberry 225”
                Eastern Cottonwood 135”

At the discretion of the landowners who have these big trees growing on their property, the trees can be measured formally to the American Forest’s Big Tree Program standards and included in the state record. We expect this will result in three county champions (white birch, red maple, eastern cottonwood) and one state champion (red mulberry). Those who are interested in continuing to measure big trees can call the Belknap County UNH Cooperative Extension office and we will get you connected with the NH Big Tree Program.