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Letgo Your Mind Summer Camp


A fun week long camp where children will learn about robotics through the fun of Legos!

June 23-27 in the Gilford Middle School

Course Descriptions

Super Hero Sidekick ages 4-5 Half Day 9-12 $150

Become part of a heroic comic book adventure as you create your own hero and build gears to help him save the city.  Make your hero hover, reach far distances and fly!  Build different vehicles for your hero and race against other heroes.  "Become part of a heroic adventure!"

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Super Hero League Ages: 6-9 $295

Create your own hero and become part of a team of heroes just like the Justice League and the Avengers!  Build your own team headquarters and superhero LEGO machines to save the world and capture the bad guys.  During the afternoon, get ready to build different types of vehicles for your superhero, including a LEGO hovercraft, planes, cars and dragsters.

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Minecraft Robotics and Hovercrafts: Ages 9-12  $295.

Play real life Minecraft as you build, clear and change landforms to create a city that can withstand natural and villain based disasters.  Save the city by creating your own hero and feel like Iron Man as you build robots to perform super hero challenges in your city.  Create and program a robot that can lift heavy objects, leap tall buildings in a single bound and follow a villain's trail.  During the afternoon, students will create many types of motorized vehicles and hovercrafts using magnetic levitation.

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