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LEtGO Your Mind Summer Camp


A fun week long camp where children will learn about robotics through the fun of LEGO!

June 22-26 in the Gilford Middle School (9:00am - 3:00pm)

Course Descriptions

Amusement Park Thrill Rides & Stop Animation Ages: 6-9 $310

Channel your inner Master Builder and create your very own LEGO amusement park thrill rides where everything is awesome!  Build some amazing amusement park thrill rides with motors and gears.  Students will build: Merry Go Rounds, Tea Cups Rides, Tilt A Whirl, motorized LEGO cars and many more.  During the afternoon create your very own LEGO Stop Animations, just like The Lego Movie!  Double Decker couches welcome.

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Minecraft / Redstone Circuits, Robotics & Stop Motion Animation: Ages 9-13  $310

3D Game Design students will utilize various Minecraft skills to customize and create their own legendary worlds!  Students will learn about creating electrical circuits using Redstone.  This will help students create features like functioning doors and trap doors that operate at the push of a button.  Throughout the week students will build LEGO: Zombies, Creepers, Steve, Enderman and a LEGO city integrating electricity with their LEGO structures, then program their robots through the Minecraft maze.  During the afternoon students will create LEGO motorized cars and stop animation videos.  Students are encouraged to work in partners or may BTOD.

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